Snow Storm Coming To Big Data

In last month I observed two briefings about the impending snow storm coming to Big Data. Not that winter is soon upon us, but because of the blizzards of information flowing into organizations today. There are a couple of vendors building solutions to battle the on going storm. There is Amazon’s Snowball for moving data and Snowflake a new SaaS database solution for  getting a handle on your data.

The Snowball  helps with the ever growing challenge some enterprise organizations have with Big Data and how do they move it all into the cloud. Amazon rolled out the Snowball product at the ReInvent User Conference to address just this problem. It is a 50 Terabyte suitcase which can be used in parallel to ship petabytes of data back to their data centers. The main reason for this solution is that it just takes to long to ship the data over current net infrastructure.  Also, there is the  cost and complexity to bump up bandwidth to move petabytes of data from on premise to the cloud. If you want to try their is an Amazon blog link suggesting Moving Big Data into the Cloud.

The Snowflake helps optimize the performance of the data once you get it into the cloud. Gartner named them Cool Vendor in DBMS category in early 2015. They call themselves an elastic data warehouse service.  The automate a lot of administration functions when moving to the cloud based to reduce cost of management by leveraging multi-structured shared data. See details on interview of founder Bob Muglia at VMworld 2015.

Don’t get caught in the blizzard of data and make your snowflakes into snowballs and get your data to the cloud faster on the latest state of the art cloud DBMS.

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